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  -    -  Tinderblox

Game Name:  Tinderblox
Designer:  Rob Sparks

Status:  Published (Alley Cat Games)

Genre:  Dexterity / Push Your Luck / Strategy


Unpack your camping gear and play with fire in this nail-biting, push-your-luck building game, for up to six players.

Nerves will get heated as you wield tweezers to awkwardly add logs and cinders to an ever-growing campfire.

Just don’t sweat under the pressure – a stray cinder is all it takes to burn down your tent.


# of Players:  1 – 6
Suggested Play Time:  3-15 minutes
List of Components:

  • 14x Cinder blocks (7x Red, 7x Yellow)
  • 14x Logs blocks
  • 2x die (1x Red, 1x Yellow)
  • 2x cards
  • 2x Magnets (or any small cube/marker for PnP)
  • Tweezers

Rulebook:  Tinderblox Rules

Sell Sheet:  Tinderblox Sell Sheet

Tinerblox Sell Sheet