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Boardgame Bud was founded in March 2018 as an outlet to showcase some of the incredible boardgames I’d been playing at the time.

What started out as a hobby soon became a passion; after years of playing analogue games, I decided to start designing them. I love making games – it’s great devoting time to creating games I’m proud of. I knew all that gaming would come in useful… eventually.

I adore the hobby gaming community – through the support of friends, Instagram followers of @boardgamebud, and other hobby game crafters I’ve met in competitions, I feel lucky to be in such a supportive niche.

In addition to sharing my tabletop experiences each weekday over on Instagram, my main focus is developing games for the Artinsan series of mint tin games. The aim of the series is to produce 12 different mint tin games, showcasing unique mechanics, accessible and beautiful design and artwork, and quick setup and pack away.

There is also a strong solo theme throughout the games I design, in my efforts to win over players to experience great games by themselves, as well as with friends. Instead of mobile games, perhaps I can convince you to enjoy one of our super portable analogue game from time to time – who knows!

You can expect additions to the Games and Blog sections in due time. If you want to keep updated with Boardgame Bud, head over to Instagram (@boardgamebud) where I’m most active. Finally, I’m always looking for playtesters, so if you’ve got a printer and some components lying around, get in touch and you can get some sneak peeks.

Hopefully I’ll see you around – may your dice rolls be ever in your favour.