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Hello there. We're still trying to get our boardgame (website) set up; there's lots of plastic wrap to unpeel, and a complicated rulebook to decipher. Once we're ready to play, It would be our pleasure to show you some great experiences; we've got some incredible games to show to you. We'll probably be more present on our social channels for now, while we get things together

Painted warfare miniature, with highlighted metallic coins, and edged economy / raiding tokens. A relatively quick paint job, investing some time by highlighting the edges of your tokens can make all the difference in bringing a small game like this to life. Board Game Geek: 7 Wonders Duel [accordion] [accordions title="Game Info" state="closed"] [bgg id=173346] [/accordions] [/accordion]

The Cun-Ha Roaming Monster was the quickest mini I've painted, taking only two days to complete. As the miniature had some excellent detail on the bandages covering his mummified remains, I let the Agrax Earthshade washes do the talking, and the results came out spectacularly considering the time frame. Cun-Ha gave me an opportunity to practice some dry-brushing on the skirt and body,

Sarah the Noble Warrior was a surprisingly straightforward paint, as half her body is covered in simple armour, and the other half is covered by a blue flowing dress - allowing the base paints to be quickly applied, and most of the work to be done by the shading. Once I was happy with quality of the wash steps, highlighting the mini really

Doomsday is a competitive crafting card game for 2-5 players. In Doomsday, each player takes the role a nefarious super villain, plotting world domination in their own particularly mischievous ways. Each player is trying to build their own unique doomsday device, and truly become the one most dastardly super villain to rule the planet Earth. The first player to completely build their doomsday

Finally sorted through all my Magic The Gathering (MTG) cards, and my goodness does it feel good. I've been a huge MTG fan for a few years now, and after having bought a fair few boosters, fat packs, core sets, a couple pre-releases, and a booster box (Battle For Zendikar - awesome block) - my collection was fairly all over the place. Luckily it

Some of the best ideas come out of thin air it seems. Well I say thin air, what I really mean is that - occasionally - lots of outside influences and ideas can randomly interact and create a new idea when you least expect it. This was the case earlier today; when preparing a wonderful salad for lunch, I had an idea for a

Indie-velopment is a 2-4 player card game where you manage your own indie game development studio. Through the game, you will be hiring and firing talented employees, competing for lucrative marketing opportunities, and acquiring new technologies to further advance the plight of your innovative game studio. But beware, the publisher is getting restless, and there are plenty of other studios who are willing

I was recently invited to join some friends to be introduced to Dungeons & Dragons. Being a fan of fantasy and RPG video games, the allure of trying out a new (or should I say old) style of RPG was very high indeed, and I was keen to get involved. Now, I'm a complete newbie to D&D, with my only experience coming from watching