15 Minutes || 1-100 Players || Ages 8+

It’s Christmas Eve, and every gift in Santa’s workshop has been carefully wrapped ready for delivery. You and your fellow Elves have been trusted to load up the sleigh, but the Sack Stacker 5000 is misbehaving! All of the presents are coming out in the wrong order and getting mixed up with lumps of coal… Can you sort out the gifts and make sure everyone gets what they hoped for on Christmas morning?


Sack Stackers is a festive, family-weight roll and write game that can be played together or remotely; all you’ll need is a pencil and two 6-sided dice. Collect gifts, drop them into Santa’s sack and create patterns to earn points, but watch out for stray lumps of coal that might interfere with your plans!


Designer: Chris Kingsnorth

Artwork and Graphic Design: Chris Kingsnorth

Print & Play:

Download the print-and-play files at ( or PNPArcade (



Page count: 2 pages

Components: Rules (1 page), player sheet (1 page)

Additional components needed: A pen or pencil per player, two 6-sided dice