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Game Name: Unbearable
Designer: Rob Sparks (@BoardgameBud)

Put friendships aside to survive, in UNBEARABLE – the highly strategic, map building, racing game for 1-5 very unfortunate campers!

As growls ROAR near your campsite, prepare yourself to frantically run, explore, and sabotage your friends! You don’t need to be the fastest, you just need to outrun your frenemies…

Just don’t get lost in the vast forest; players generate the map as they go, fleeing from an ever hungrier Grizzly Bear.

Focus on positioning and speed, or try playing dirty to be the last man standing; tripping up friends, blocking them in, or enraging the beast itself!

An evolving map with multiple game modes means no two games are alike! There’s even a solo mode in case all your buddies have already become bear food.

Check out my blog post on the amazing response to the first playtests of the game here: The Best Playtest


# of Players: 1 – 5
Suggested Play Time: 5-15 minutes
List of Components:

  • 33x Double Sided Cars
  • 5x Wooden ‘Camper’ Meeples
  • 1x Wooden ‘Grizzly Bear’ Meeple
  • 14 Cinder blocks (7x Red, 7x Yellow)
  • 2x Magnetic Markers
  • 2 die (1x Red, 1x Yellow);
  • 1x Rulebook
  • 1x Mint Tin with Sleeve